Pro Bono Work Keeps Siblings Together

When a mother of three was tragically murdered, questions quickly arose as to what would become of her three minor children.  Ciresi Conlin attorneys Melissa Goodman and Esther Agbaje, and Jack DeWalt of DeWalt, Chawla + Saksena, stepped in to represent the maternal grandmother of the children to help her gain custody.  Several parties filed petitions seeking custody of the children, which made the grandmother’s fight a long and complicated one.  Recently, however, through a series of motions and arguments, and a negotiated settlement with one party, the grandmother was granted full legal and physical custody of all three minor children.

“Ciresi Conlin is committed to using the law as a force for good, both in the courtroom and in the community,” said Melissa Goodman.  “This case exemplifies that commitment.  The grandmother’s unwavering dedication to her grandchildren, despite her own personal heartbreak and the complex legal issues of her case, was nothing short of remarkable. We are honored to have represented the grandmother in this case and pleased that these three children, who have been through so much tragedy, will remain together in a safe, stable, and loving home.”

“Cases like these present many opportunities,” said Jan Conlin.  “Most important, we are able to fulfill our responsibilities as attorneys to help our community by providing legal services to those who may not be able to afford them, which is a deeply held value of this firm.  We also get the chance to partner with other firms in achieving client success.  In this case, Jack DeWalt brought his expertise in the area of family law and played a vital role on the team representing the grandmother.”

DeWalt, Chawla + Saksena was pleased to be of service to this family during a time of great personal loss,” said Jack DeWalt. “What happened to them was a tragedy, but through the dedication and determination of our client, and the work that was done with Melissa and Esther, we were able to create a positive outcome for these children that will last the rest of their lives. It was a privilege to be able to do so and a pleasure to be a part of this legal team.”