What sets us apart

Whether representing companies or individuals, in large complex cases or in targeted matters, building personal connections with our clients allows us to build personal connections with our cases. Every new endeavor is approached with a dedicated team to ensure that everyone understands the details of the case. By working this way, we level the playing field no matter the opponent we face.

Every case is different. Knowing the questions to ask and when and how to ask them can only come from the experience of a senior level team. The complexity and uniqueness of our cases requires the highest level of legal analysis, strategy, and creativity. It also requires efficiency. We cut through the noise and focus on the end goal, avoiding the distraction of profit-driven agendas and opening ourselves up to flexible pricing models.

By being strategic and flexible, we have the ability to partner with other firms around the country for some or all of a case. We can handle the whole case, team up with existing counsel and assume the lead counsel role at trial, or act in a consulting role to assess another team’s trial, briefing, or deposition strategy.

We care about our clients and our community, and we choose cases that impact both.

Impact for the future

There’s an opportunity to fulfill a greater obligation to the people we work for and the people we work with. From the acknowledgement of our attorneys to the latest news in our profession, we stay dedicated to protecting the future of the law as well as the surrounding community.

How we make an impact

Built to collaborate

The law exists to be a force for good—a force that protects the promise of liberty and justice for all. This is why we exist. We practice law not only to protect what’s best for today, but to protect what’s best for all of us for the future.

We created Ciresi Conlin so that we could focus exclusively on pursuing our passions as lawyers and engaged community members. We love working alongside other talented and tenacious lawyers in an all-out effort to protect the future. No matter the need, we’ll use our experience-sharpened skills to quickly assess people and facts, taking in volumes of data to analyze cases in a manner others can’t match.

Meet our team