Powerhouse Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Team at Ciresi Conlin LLP

For Michael V. Ciresi, helping secure access to justice for individuals has always been a driving force in his practice of law. “The law has to be about leveling the playing field,” Mike said.  “The need for justice to address inequities is often the greatest when someone gets seriously injured or dies because of the failures of a professional organization or large corporation.”

Mike has earned a global reputation for his courtroom command and successes on behalf of individuals harmed by others. From the Dalkon Shield and Copper-7 litigation to the Minnesota tobacco litigation and the Bhopal gas leak disaster litigation—the world’s worst industrial disaster in which he served as chief counsel to the Government of India—Mike has obtained justice and compensation for people in some of the most complex and impactful cases of our times.  Beyond the headlines, he has also helped countless other people whose lives have been severely impacted by negligence, product liability, or medical malpractice.

Partner Robert J. King, Jr. shares Mike’s passion for representing those most in need of justice’s restorative power. Bob has focused his entire 35+ year career on helping individuals who have been injured and the families of persons killed because of negligence or product failure. He has recovered millions of dollars for victims of defective products, medical negligence, and automobile and truck accidents.  Bob believes that the ability of the everyday person to successfully take on the country’s wealthiest companies and institutions represents the best part of our legal system because, as he says, “the door to the courthouse is open to all.”

Ciresi Conlin LLP has deepened its commitment to justice and cemented its role as the country’s powerhouse firm for complex medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases with the addition of three new attorneys: Kathleen Flynn Peterson, Brandon Thompson, and Colin Peterson.

“Kathleen has an extraordinary history advocating for those harmed by the negligence of medical professionals and care systems,” explained Mike.  “She brings a long list of record-setting verdicts and settlements that stretches back to the start of her career. Her outstanding advocacy, both in and outside the courtroom, helped shape many laws and standards regarding medical responsibilities that help to keep all of us safer.”


Brandon has won multiple trials, obtained millions of dollars in negotiated settlements, and won two of the largest-ever jury verdicts within the State of Minnesota for clients harmed by serious medical malpractice.  “Brandon has earned a well-deserved reputation as an advocate deeply skilled at communicating the full measure of harm caused by medical malpractice and helping families obtain justice for their losses,” said Mike.

Colin has assisted Kathleen and Brandon in obtaining some of their most significant victories over the past several years, and is fast becoming recognized as a up-and-coming advocate for significantly injured clients. No matter the odds, his focus is on obtaining justice and holding wrongdoers accountable. “Colin brings a balance of tenacity and compassion to the practice of law,” Jan said. “His clients recognize that he is deeply committed to their cause, will never back down, and has a track record of achieving outstanding results.”

Brandon and Colin, along with Ciresi Conlin partner Mathew R. Korte, represent the firm’s commitment to the next generation of trial excellence.  Adds Jan Conlin, “Mat has a natural ability to connect with juries in telling his clients’ stories and critically examine the complex medical evidence of his cases.”  Mat, Brandon, and Colin are a formidable force that exemplify the commitment and skill the firm brings in protecting medical negligence victims.

Photo of Brandon Thompson and Colin Peterson

The team’s experience spans the full range of the most complex medical malpractice, products liability, and personal injury cases. For medical malpractice matters, this includes medical negligence involving hospitals, physicians, nurses and other health care providers. In particular, the team has significant experience representing families dealing with babies born with birth injuries, birth trauma, birth seizures and other medical injuries as well those who have experienced serious surgical and pre- and post-operative injuries.

The team has similar depth when it comes to products liability litigation and those injured in serious motor vehicle and other accidents. Their product liability experience covers claims against the automotive industry, the drug and medical device industries, and manufacturers of all variety of industrial and consumer products. They also represent victims of motor vehicle and trucking accidents, accidents involving recreational vehicles, and workers injured on the job site or because of product failure.

“These attorneys fully embody the standards of excellence that unites our firm,” said Founding & Managing Partner Katie Crosby Lehmann.  “Enhancing our capabilities in this area reflects our shared commitment to serving justice and protecting the needs of truly vulnerable members in our community, both now and in the future. “