Lead Small

How agile teams of risk-takers unite on complex cases.

Corporate counsel is evolving its approach to large, complicated disputes. We’re seeing a shift away from the one-firm-fits-all model toward a handpicked legal team that cuts through complexity and offer the greatest chance of success.

In cases like these, the industry is embracing the power of a few well-chosen attorneys to change the outlook. They may be invited to consult on key pieces of a client’s strategy or to steer the ship in matters needing extraordinary focus and care.

The approach is practical and direct: convene a small team of experts to analyze all aspects of a case, cull the claims, and frame a strategy that unites everyone on the shortest path to achieve the goal.

“You can’t be afraid to take risks, make hard choices, or disrupt business as usual.”

Think of it like making a movie. In contrast to the old studio model where the same cast and crew do every project, now we choose the best actor, grip, and lighting specialist for the job. By tapping the right talent and giving them permission to lead, we stack the deck in the clients’ favor and get to the goal line more efficiently.

In this role, you can’t be afraid to take risks, make hard choices, or disrupt business as usual. But you also need to play well with others. By acting as mutually respectful partners, lead attorneys foster relationships that allow all parties to do their best work.

Many cases turn on a razor’s edge.  Maneuvering the potential pitfalls and directly addressing the factual and legal challenges unique to each case is imperative.  We know that the legal outcome has the potential to impact lives and influence policy on an enormous scale. The issues are never black and white and the path to victory is often winding. By thinking bigger and working smaller, we offer clients something an army of attorneys cannot: force of insight.

In the final analysis, we need to live a life of purpose, in communication with others, in service of the common good.