Ciresi Conlin LLP Grows Medical Malpractice Strength as Kathleen Flynn Peterson and Brandon Thompson Join Firm


Ciresi Conlin LLP is pleased to announce that noted plaintiffs’ medical malpractice and personal injury trial attorneys Kathleen Flynn Peterson and Brandon Thompson have joined the firm.

“Kathleen has an extraordinary history advocating for those harmed by the negligence of medical professionals and care systems,” said Michael V. Ciresi.  “Beyond a long list of record-setting verdicts and settlements that stretches back to the start of her career, Kathleen has held critical leadership within the bar and the broader community, and served as a mentor to the next generation of great trial lawyers.  Her outstanding advocacy, both in and outside the courtroom, helped shape many laws and standards regarding medical responsibilities that help to keep all of us safer.”

“Kathleen and Brandon each have the values of commitment to justice and leveling the playing field—and the rare courtroom talent —that inspired us to launch our firm four years ago,” explained Jan M. Conlin.  “Passion for excellence in the courtroom and our communities continue to drive our work. The addition of these attorneys lets us deepen our ability to bring justice to those who have had their lives upended by the malpractice of a medical caregiver or health care system. We look forward to them joining us in pursuit of our dearly-held and shared goals.”

Kathleen’s legal achievements and accomplishments reflect a life dedicated to advocating for people dealing with pain, suffering, and loss caused by medical negligence.  She began her career as a Registered Nurse—where she also advocated for patients’ needs to obtain the best care—but quickly realized she could combine her passion for science, medicine and patient advocacy in a different way by becoming a lawyer.

Brandon Thompson

Like Kathleen, Brandon has earned a reputation as a top trial lawyer, deeply skilled at communicating the full measure of harm caused by medical malpractice and helping families obtain justice.  He has won numerous multi-million jury trials – including some of the largest-ever jury verdicts in the State of Minnesota for clients harmed by serious medical malpractice – and has negotiated many millions of dollars of settlements for his clients. He is a member of a number of elite national and international trial organizations, and in 2018 was invited to be one of the youngest-ever Fellows of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, recognized as the most prestigious organization of trial lawyers in the world.

Together, Kathleen and Brandon, and their team, focus on all areas of medical negligence. Both have special expertise in cases involving babies and children, including children with cerebral palsy, hypoxic injuries, and other birth-related trauma. But they also handle cases across the spectrum, including those involving malpractice by just about every type of health care provider one can name.

“Brandon and Kathleen fully embody the standards of excellence that unites the firm that Mike, Jan, and I founded,” adds Founding & Managing Partner, Katie Crosby Lehmann.  “We have taken a significant step forward in establishing the next generation of great trial lawyers dedicated to serving justice and protecting the needs of truly vulnerable members of our community both now and in the future.  Working today to ensure the best for our communities and the people in them tomorrow is something to which every member of this firm is both professionally and personally dedicated.”

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