$77.5 Million Jury Verdict in Latest 3M Earplugs Bellwether

The latest in a series of 3M Earplugs bellwether trials ended on May 20, 2022, with a federal Pensacola, Florida jury awarding the plaintiff $77.5 million.  The verdict is the largest individual verdict in the litigation by veterans who were injured using 3M’s Combat Arms version 2 (“CAEv2”) earplugs during their military service.

Ciresi Conlin attorneys Michael Sacchet and Megan Odom were part of the team who tried the case. Sacchet conducted key direct and cross examinations, while Odom handled legal argument.  Ciresi Conlin attorney Leslie O’Leary and paralegal Jenny Taplin provided invaluable trial support.

Sacchet and Odom participated in four prior bellwether trial teams, where the juries awarded $110 million, $8.2 million, $7.1 million, and $1.7 million.  “Plaintiffs have prevailed in ten of the sixteen bellwether trials, with verdicts totaling nearly $300 million,” said Sacchet. “It’s clear that 3M’s defenses are unconvincing and without merit.”

Over the last five months, in addition to obtaining a stunning defense verdict, Ciresi Conlin has tried cases resulting in over $300 million in verdicts on behalf of its clients.

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