Recent 2019 Case Results

Medical Malpractice Department Obtains $25 Million Settlement

Claimant vs. Hospital and Providers:  Ciresi Conlin’s Medical Malpractice Department recently pursued and negotiated a $25 million settlement on behalf of a husband and father for catastrophic injuries and permanent impairment as a result of the failure to chart medication exposure in the patient’s record.  The Ciresi Conlin team was led by Michael V. Ciresi and Mat Korte. (2019)

Intellectual Property And Business Litigation Department Obtains $27 Million Settlement

Ciresi Conlin’s Intellectual Property and Business Litigation Department recently negotiated a $27 million settlement in a royalty fee dispute, which was scheduled for arbitration.  The Ciresi Conlin team was led by Jan Conlin, Heather McElroy, and Barry Landy. (2019)