The law exists to be a force for good—a force that protects the promise of liberty and justice for all. This is why we exist. We practice law not only to protect what’s best for today, but to protect what’s best for the future.

What sets us apart

Our approach allows us to adjust to the unique demands of each and every case. From large bet-the-company trials and high-profile business deals, to smaller individual cases, our ability to examine the complexities and find new ways to pursue justice is our advantage. We strive to make a large impact inside and outside the courtroom. Our journey to provide a new and improved way to practice law is not a stagnate one; instead it is customized for each client and matter we handle.

Our approach

Built to collaborate

We created Ciresi Conlin so that we could focus exclusively on pursuing our passions as lawyers and engaged community members. We love working alongside other talented and tenacious lawyers in an all-out effort to protect the future. No matter the need, we’ll use our experience-sharpened skills to quickly assess people and facts, taking in volumes of data to analyze cases in a manner others can’t match.

Meet our team

Our case history speaks volumes.

We have tried and won some of the world’s most visible cases. What we’re most proud of though is that we’ve done this work with great integrity and the highest degrees of professionalism. As a result, some of the opponents we’ve beat in the courtroom have gone on to hire us to strengthen their teams down the road.

We enjoy practicing law in many areas including commercial and IP litigation, business disputes, mass tort, water rights, real estate litigation, medical malpractice, and personal injury.

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