Ciresi Conlin LLP Announcement Generates Headlines

The launch of Ciresi Conlin LLP garnered headlines and wide-spread legal industry interest and excitement.  The extraordinary talent and experience of trial specialists and founding partners Michael V. Ciresi, Jan Conlin, and Katie Crosby Lehmann made the venture noteworthy. So, too, so did the mission that inspired the firm’s creation.  Together, Mike, Jan, and Katie dedicated their firm to serving as a force for good in the courtroom and in the community.  “Clients consistently seek our representation in complex cases that present high profile, high stakes, bet-the-company, and procedurally difficult situations,” said Mike.  “These are the cases we relish as a firm and keeps us excited about the practice of law.”  Starting Ciresi Conlin allows the founding partners to focus on pursuing their passions as lawyers, continue their community engagements, and use the law as a force for good to protect the future for all.


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